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Puscifer Coming to MIAMI and Yes were on college radio.

Posted in Art, Laugh, Music. on April 26, 2012 by lickthestranger

Yes I said it!! PUSCIFER! is coming to miami.
Now ladies and Gentlemen ever so often, when the POP music DEMONS turn a careless eye and all the planets align something extraordinary happens… for one day we are blessed  with something other than MADONNA or the other Madonna (lady GAGA) or Perry Ellis/Katy Ellis whatever that extraterrestrial bubbly demon bitch(yea you know who Im talking about , or that justin Gopher! plays in miami. YES for one day an ACTUAL MUSICIAN is going to set foot on FLORIDIAN SOIL. (EPIC MUSIC PLAYS**)
Well for those of you who dont know who Puscifer is (looks at you with a frown..then smiles) I dont blame you.. Maynard James Keenan from the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle started the band as the only solid member, writer and composer. Maynard claims to that Puscifer allows him to unveil himself musically without bound or restrictions, and considers it his “Creative Subconscious”.
With the release of their Sophomore album “Conditions of my parole”(good, its really really Good) Puscifer has received a solid following in distributed states around the US. Well enough with the real music lesson kiddies, you want to look into it go to WIKI. This album literally has no track skippers, (well except for the song Monsoons, too bright for my taste), its funny because buying this record was a gamble because prior to baby jesus giving me the gift of showing me the light by seeing one their performances I had only heard two songs (potions and the mission) the mission with Resident evils MILLA JOVOVICH! dont believe me look it.. well you get the point.

Heres the song. copy and paste or click.

Now I will share to you the light upon which I was once basked in. A light which made me buy this $9.00 record worth every penny, shit I’d buy it again, I can tell you its like nothing you’ve seen before; take a gamble(like I did). Here is “Telling Ghosts”

Aside from Puscifer I’m sure you’d like to know what the other half of the this title represents, right? well I was informed by WRGP Radiate Fm (Florida international University’s Radio Station) that they wanted to air one of our tracks, I’ll be honest.. he said he wanted us to play a show but declined in this fashion..”for what? to play to an audience that are obviously not even the slightest bit interested in hearing something innovative that doesn’t have DJ or a single straight rhythm with some quirky half naked girl singing the one that got away? thanks but no thanks” So he decides to prove to me the opposite, “there are people that care, Im one of them” he then proceeds to getting the MP3’s to Air.The song was the first song to air at 6pm prime time.
I know.. i know hehe I’m so sly,greedy and devious that I’m sharing the new song with everyone, everyone but you (yes YOU the one currently reading this sentence) well Im keeping you in the loop accordingly and in moderation. I promised him a live acoustic performance of the new song called: “…”  Ah thought Id give you the name?? nope! not yet. Well I’m not that mean so heres a teaser of whats to come for our MUSIC VIDEO.

Still from Music video *Courtesy Christina Christidou

So what did we gain and what did we learn tonight… A)POP demon Gods grace mercy upon us once every blue moon. B)Puscifer is say it with me “GOOOD REAL Music” C)Someone please tell me what katy ellis perry does? D) INNOVATION is the key to Art.
Know any other Innovative bands?
Are you in an Innovative band and want to get featured on one of our posts next week?
Send me a recommendation below Ill give it a listen . PLEASE NO POP music because its NOT innovative.

Leo. -Lick The Stranger.


MUSIC VIDEO APPROVAL and NEW*Artist Mention Monday!

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FINALLY! we have gotten the approval from our good friend/brilliant artist Christina Christidou for us to work with her amazing piece “Without Words” as our music video. I know… I know you guys want to hear music! and NO I wont give out any details on the video, your going to have to wait… about a week(but I SWEAR YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!). Well to avoid further inquisition on the ideas or concepts behind our video I want to share with you the art of Christina Christidou…And yes its clay 😉


Meet Chloe..Yes she is made of clay (hint hint)

Well I don’t know have to say it.. you know it.. I know it…she’s great. Christina is from Greece and specializes in digital illustration, photomanipulation, photo retouching, doll making. Her Innovative styles creates an ambience and overall mood that is distinct and unique to other artists. Her work is inspiring, dreamy and haunting. Interested in her stuff as much as we were heres her site
***Each week on mondays (yes I am aware its 2 am its finals week bite me)
we will feature a new innovative artist, so be on the look out for stuff I like and if you have an artist I might like or you want to be mentioned on our “artist mention mondays” send us a message.
Things I look for in submissions:
1) Tim burton inspired art.
2)Haunting fairy tale themed so anything that pops into your mind from this description.
3) Claymation/Clay art.
4) Dark themed, Dark Humor, Dark Love (BASICALLY ANYTHING DARK).
5)Surreal Art.
6) Tell us why you consider it innovative or why you think its badass 🙂


Dream a little Dream

Dream a little dream..

Send us your thoughts and artists you would like me to mention.
Till tomorrow sweet dreams, from “Lick the Stranger”..

NEW* Music Video for us, Film festival submission for Franco!

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Well well well..since this is a band website after all I cant spend all of my time (although I do anyway) ranting about films and things I want to do and basically things we like in general, I assume you wanna hear something about us eventually. So I feel like its our duty to share with all of you that we are going to release a new music video, I wont reveal any details because it is still in the works going through approval processes but lets just say tim burton would be proud. The music video itself reminds me of Coraline.. OH NO Ive said to much already! I’ll stop, I’ll stop motion it… I mean.. Ugh Not gonna say another word, we just hope you’ll enjoy it.

Mujer Muerte

Not what were doing but you get the Idea

On a cool note our buddy and longterm friend Gianfranco Remiggie (brilliant director/Photographer/funguy hire him) has come to me for help for writing a script, for those of you who are new which is all of you I presume, he directed the music video for our other band Anatomy. I’ll post a link so you could check it out later. Returning from tangent, we love everything surreal, drama and I love to act (I meaning Leo) we have great ideas and would love to share it with y’all in the hopes that you will support our art.
Here’s my good friend Franco’s demo reel, (WARNING might cause WATERY EYES) and yes the song is from Transformers big woop you wanna fight about it? (family guy reference for those who dont know, rolls eyes**)
GianFranco Demo Reel.
Best Friend/ Artist.

If you like our blog show some support and share,share and tell us you love us! lol

Cabin in the woods an Innovative Laxative to the Horror Genre.

Posted in film rant on April 18, 2012 by lickthestranger

Well I went to go see Cabin in the woods with my girlfriend on friday, mind you I was so excited to see it since the first time I gazed upon that wonderful trailer! it seemed so enticing and then I heard that it received good reviews from critics. I dont have to mention  that horror films have barely ever met the minimum standards for film critics probably since Alfred hitchcocks “psycho” or Carpenters “Halloween”. Horror film with good reviews :O NOW I HAD TO SEE IT. I wont spoil anything for you because by telling you how insulting and degrading this “horror/COMEDY” is to the genre of horror is actually spoiling the twist of the entire film. No really, I literally cannot tell why I thought it was bad because the twist its self is what is building up throughout an hour an a half of them avoiding horror cliché’s whats worse is that they were deliberately insulting every form of the genre. I love horror so much, I really do lol, I love DAVID LYNCH (lost highway, mulholland drive) , John carpenter (“the thing” is amazing), george romero and inclusively Hitchcock. im 21 years old now and the first movie I ever remember seeing at the age of 3 was Predator with Arnold. Now this movie (in my opinion) took a Major Laxative induced dump on all that we love about “slashers”. Sorry for ranting lol but I feel like it was not worth $24 lol me and my gf actually went to get 2 free tickets because we told the manager at Regal cinemas how bad it was. Well I give them credit for one thing and I understand why the critics gave it good ratings, because of its attempt at originality, we all know what happened when “originality” kicked in JUNO happened and now everything seems angled towards that style of indie shooting. Except Juno was a good movie and opened the door to some good films (500 days of summer). But this movie literally MOCKS  innovative new films like “the Strangers” which (i might add) was a spectacular addition to the horror genre. That is why I think this movie is shitty lol, not only for what it is but because it may ruin the horror genre for at least the next 10 years.  Heres the false advertising/enticing poster. Sorry for ranting, well no Actually im not because this movie was an injustice and maybe its just me maybe I just dont get it, but Im pretty sure its garbage(french tone).

Entertaining for about 30 mins.

Well now do you agree or disagree? Am I just not enough of a hipster to like this film or am I right?
Well i think im right lol what do you think? 😛

“Staring at the ceiling” and food poisoning.

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Working on the new record makes for a good time. New song staring at the ceiling is nearly complete and should be out next week, what’s better than psychological free association in musical expression?
Wine, sushi, guitars, protools (which sucks ass, dont know why we mentioned this, forget it) Jamaican patties? Yes thats it Jamaican patties makes for a perfect night of musical and psychological liberation!!
But if there’s anything you can grab from this site right now besides how awesome it looks,  is don’t ever eat Jamaican patty’s, yes I know…I know… they are delicious, but fact is that in Jamaica they serve patty’s to cleanse their digestive system of toxins, hmm wonder how? (random fact which few people know, if its a lie correct me)
and two dont ever eat a Jamaican Patty from a Russian. Misha decided to give me a Jamaican patty that has been in his room for 2 days; yes Im just as much as a dumbass for eating it, GOT MAJOR FOOD POISONING. What did we learn ?
1) Staring at the ceiling sounds like Freud’s Psychoanalysis but in music. COMING SOON!
2) Protools sucks ass, dont believe me? try it lets see how long before you get the (running out of CPU Power) message.
3) Dont eat Jamaican Patty’s, especially from a RUSSIAN.

New Site, Cabin in the woods.

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Welcome to our site, we’ll try to bring updates to our music, videos, interviews, film scores to the best of our ability. However on a more interesting note, shit is pretty much all the same these days and Horror movies lost all their wit and surprises. Apparently something new has come from Cabin in the woods. With a 95% on Rottentomatoes Critics!
We’re gonna catch it tonight.