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HALO 4 Finish the fight..AGAIN.

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I dont have much time to write tonight so I’ll leave you with a couple of amazing snap shots of the new HALO game. During my absence, I’ve been studying for Biology exams which is a killer…needless to say Im happy to see that people are still coming to the site in support of LTS and our previous content. Thanks to all the fans weve reached 12,000 views…more than I have ever had in anything Ive ever done. So thank you for all the support. Next week I’ll be here with some new content and some great news about the Art community, A NEW UPCOMING independent web series, new live action Halo series and much more. Well I gotta get back to studying, my exam is tomorrow…wish me luck. Take care and enjoy some halo 4


Heres the video link to the machinima webseries for Halo.

Here is a new enemy for halo 4.

well guys here they are, be back next week for a prequel review to HALO 4. As always you heard it here first at Lick the Stranger.
LTS. Leo Bazan


The Dark Knight Rises Review *NO SPOILERS!

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Dark Knight Rises Prescreening (from left to right) Kenny, Leo Bazan, Kimberly Zavala, Chris Zavala, Jesse

THIS REVIEW IS 100% SPOILER FREE and its from the Heart**

Well the long awaited conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Legendary Batman series has finally arrived..first off I just want to thank Christopher Nolan for allowing me to experience one of the greatest Cinematic Feats in Film history, for that I am truly grateful.Not only is this a true and significantly brilliant end to a legendary series but the triumphant story of the unforgettable characters that we have grown to love for about 70 Years now will continue to echo through time not as a superhero film but as an EPIC. Nolan’s Batman is comparable to histories greatest epics such as the Iliad, Odyssey, A Midsummer Nights Dream and Beowulf all of which have engraved their place in time. Nolan’s Dark Knight truly Rises, Rises to the heavens as an Opera on film. The expressive tone of actor performances, the use of camera filters that vividly acknowledge every emotion scene by scene, indulges you to not only like the idea that your watching batman, but finally feel PROUD THAT YOUR WATCHING BATMAN.

Batman has been a long time hero of mine, ever since I can remember…and tonight I felt that he has impacted my life in an amazing way, Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises reminded me of every reason why I love Batman, and what I would do without him. Let us begin… We waited in line for 5 hours to see the Dark Knight Rises from 2 pm to 7pm. For 2 hours and 45 minutes of run time despite Mixed Critic Reviews on ROTTEN TOMATOES I felt that not a single frame in this film was flawed in any way shape or form.Truly BANE stole the film for me… with a brilliant performance by Tom Hardy. Tom literally  personified the essence of evil…I mean the guy is a down right ASS, well in a GOOD way..because I loved to Hate Bane, he seemed relentless and outsmarted Batman at every staying true to the comics, Bane earns his rightful place as a physically superior and intellectual villain in the Dark Knight Rises  and has finally put the old stupid mindless Brute Bane from Batman Forever to rest.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake truly inspires the entire cast to take action on most aspects of the plot, A REAL PLOT DRIVER and a GREAT ONE because every frame with Levitt present is pure GOLD! One of the best Characters in the film has to be the most secretive of them all, Catwoman Played by Anne Hathaway who has come close to stealing the movie from Bane…seems accurate seeing as to how she’s a skilled thief, she is truly a gem in the comic book world and her sensuality and seriousness was balanced beautifully. I don’t want to go so far as to say that she beat Michelle Pfieffer’s performance of catwoman (click if you want someone else’s Ballsy opinion) because they are different eras and well Anne Hathaway did great in my opinion. Lastly a tear jerking performance by Michael Caine as Alfred sets the stage for an epic novella to unravel its secrets to its audience. Michael Caine and Christian Bale seem to share this wondrous relationship on camera that remains unmatched to this day…his love for the wayne family is a strong factor in this film and Nolan has given us the opportunity to feel what Alfred feels when Batman takes to the streets. Not only as an all giving ally but as a frantically worried and exasperated father figure that wants nothing but a beautiful life for Bruce Wayne. Harmonious and beautiful…WARNING YOU WILL CRY…

Its honestly too difficult to state all of the things I love about this film, perhaps because its too soon. I will do an in depth video review of the Dark Knight Rises once you’ve all already seen it to avoid any problems with spoilers. But what I do have to say is this…I do not want Batman to end and I know that it probably will never end but the films that Nolan has given to us have set the Bar so high that Batman films have most likely reached their Closure (for now). But thats the beauty of the caped crusader, the fact that batman’s soul lives on and has lived on for more than 70 years through vessels that portray his Morals, ideals and heroic feats in many ways (Christian Bale, Michael Keaton, Adam west, George Clooney, Val kilmer) all vessels to the idea that is Batman, each portrayed in their own light. Batman is not just a super hero he is a mortal selfless human that shows the best parts of Humanity. If this is the end as Nolan has been saying(which brings a choke to my throat)…he means an end to his series because BATMAN WILL NEVER END, so long as someone is willing to take on the job of fighting crime.
By the way “I prefer to use my first name… Leonardo” You’ll get this once youve seen the Dark Knight Rises in theaters Friday, JULY 20
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Tell me your thoughts on the film I hope that you enjoyed this review Have a BLAST!

Dark Knight Rises-Prescreening! *REVIEW ON WEDNESDAY!

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Okay so as you will see in our FIRST VIDEO BLOG here at LICK THE STRANGER the word of the day is EXCITED! because I say it a lot O.O a whole fucking LOT. Basically I made a video to share my HYPE for Batman because we got Prescreening Passes to see it THIS WEDNESDAY!! I know its crazy and awesome because I get to tell you guys all about it! So tune into lick the stranger on wednesday to see if Christopher Nolan’s The Dark knight Rises So IM EXCITED AND EXCITED TO SHARE IT WITH YOU GUYS! THIS WEDNESDAY and as always you will HEAR it FIRST here at LICK THE STRANGER! Bringing you Innovation in art of all Forms enjoy our VIDEO! 🙂

The Amazing Spiderman was truly Amazing

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(Long blog post so For those with the attention span of a squirrel scroll to summary at the bottom)
Remember when people dreaded the releases of super hero movies, I mean they were just as good as video game to film adaptations(Amazing turned into hollywood Shit), Yeah you know what Im talking about right? Need refreshers? Supermario Bros, Street fighter, Hitman, Hulk(NOT the Edward norton one) and UGHH and probably the biggest Shitfest out the bunch, I mean this film is straight up NUTSACK! the shitty ass movie based on a top selling legendary series DOOM, Yeah I know even the movie poster makes you go “OH NOOO,WHY? with the ROCK (sorry Dwayne Johnson)?! I mean WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?! LETS SHIT ON ANOTHER GREAT GAME, PEOPLE WILL PAY FOR IT ANYWAY!!WTF!) . Well anyway lets save the shitty movie rants for another review, lets focus on Marvel Studios’ reboot of The Amazing Spiderman, it seems that marvel has learned from all the prior attempts and extraordinary Faliures that is SUPERHERO FILMS not produced directly by them. Marvel Studios has designed amazing Comic book to film interpretations that continue to exceed my expectations. Marvel studios has carefully given birth to a plethora of great films and with out a trouble pregnancy I might add (no cesarian needed) first IRON MAN, then the incredible Hulk (one of my favorites) Captain America and the avengers, didn’t care much for Thor, great movie Im sure just havent seen it (let the TROLLING BEGIN). I MEAN SPIDERMAN WAS JUST FLAT OUT AWESOME! Andrew Garfield in my opinion fit spiderman in every way shape and form. 

I mean look at that shit, FINALLY a good Peter Parker; sorry Tobey but Andrew destroyed anything that happened in the original trilogy in my opinion. Lets forget that the first 3 films ever happened (lol thats probably what marvel studios said, lets dump Sam Grimmy’s Original SM and make our own I mean is 11 years enough for people to forget 3 films…yeah Im sure it is) well this new adaptation really makes you want to forget you ever saw anything before it. Dont get me wrong I loved the original at the time and Tobey is an amazing actor but Andrew stole the show for me. His physique, his voice, the movement, the face, the wimpiness to superheroness shall I continue? The action was spectacular and the on film chemistry behind Andrew and the beautiful and BLONDE Emma Stone was natural and compassionate, not over exaggerated like the original between Parker and MJ. The less love and more action/story oriented, The Amazing Spiderman really conquers by choosing a cool ass super villain THE LIZARD. Not only is the lizard a good choice but the character development and powerful perfomance delivered by the talented Ryhs Ifans was just enough of the right ingredients to suck me into the movie.
I just want to stare at this picture for a little longer…lets shall we……..Okay so just the cheer badassness portrayed by this drawing is simply indescribable. I mean just think that when Marvel Studios looks at pictures like this they probably tell their staff “Okay so we have a budget now, we need to get the best Cinematorgrapher, director, lighting expert and after effects genius on this right now, I want a literal live action replica of this scene or I am not making this movie” Yeah thats probably how they make movies, meticulously caring about every single scene as it should be. I dont want to talk too much about the plot of the new Spiderman because Its pretty much oversaturated on the internet so I’ll just tell you that its a balls out, sickly intense, stylish and sexy interpretation of a great comic book legend and Marvel Studios releases another successful instant classic yet again. I FORGOT TO MENTION and I LEAVE you with this little fact, remember that annoying indie movie with that emotionless actress that looks like Katy Perry..yea Zoey Deschanel (I mean seriously I think they’re the same person, either that or they’re aliens) yeah you know her 500 days of summer well thats the director of the new Spiderman! Mark Webb might I say its a step up. Anyway this week I’ll be talking about Nine Inch Nails New Record and its gonna be badass so stick around for some more art and fun from LTS.
LTS Leo Bazan

SUMMARY: The Amazing Spider man rocked, Marvel studios is fucking insanely great at making comic book to film adaptations. Theres a lot of shitty movies out there and this isnt one of them. Andrew Garfield beat Maguire  by a mile as the new spiderman. Again BADASS, GREAT and READ NEXT TIME!

Aliens vs Prometheus

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Well, as you may or may not know (if you don’t..get with the program) I don’t really like to mention anything “pop” here on our LTS Website. We share a strong appreciation for innovative art, film and music..but I’ve revised my NO POP rule for just one night… Now before jumping at my throat, trust me.. I would not be talking about this if it weren’t innovative or cult related, take my word for it, it is. Now lets get to it, PROMETHEUS.. thats right Alien fans those who have followed the Alien Franchise since its revolutionary presence have long since awaited the hidden knowledge behind the famous “Space Jokey” and its relation to Ridley’s innovative and beloved “Xenomorph” creation.

Well..apparently..YOU’ll NEVER GET TO KNOW THOSE HIDDEN SECRETS…Because Ridley wants to disappoint his entire fan base by claiming that Prometheus(which are obviously the space jokeys) follows an entirely different storyline that has little to no relation to the Xenomorph (Alien) plot line. Okay Ridley this is either a cute little easter egg or you just think your fans are stupid, jut because the general ” POP” public has a lower attention span and proved to be umm how do I say this…less mentally capable of understanding intricate plot lines doesn’t mean we suddenly caught the “stupid disease” as well.
The plot follows the crew of the spaceship Prometheus in the late 21st century, as they explore an advanced alien civilization in search of the origins of humanity. Here’s why its prequel and its somehow and in some way related to Alien (or at least in the Alien Universe), in all the alien movies a company known as Weyland-Yutani Corp appear to be the sole producers of all the expeditions to the far reaches of space.

Led by the mysterious Peter Weyland (Played by Guy Pierce in Prometheus) his ambitions later determined to be out of malicious intent. Weyland  wanted to make the xenomorph into a biological weapon, while the famous “Ripley” played by Sigourney Weaver went through hell and back in attempts to prevent the Xenomorphs from reaching Earth (NOT a coincidence that he is in Prometheus). Passengers of the Nostromos discovered remains of what is believed to be another civilization (a giant huge alien on some sort of weapon or telescope) that harvested some sort of Alien eggs in the lower decks (the famous Alien eggs) which bare a strong resemblance to the egg shaped statues near what appears to be a human sculpture.

Xenomorph egg looking room. (prometheus)

Now the Alien Egg room found by scientist of the Nostromos in Alien 1979

Alien Egg farm 1979 film

So these are just a couple of things to reassure you that the movies are inevitably intertwined with each other. Ridley Scott says its not a prequel, yeah its getting harder and harder to believe him, the more screen shots released the more I call out his bluff.
Like I said this film has a POP release, mainly because Alien and Aliens vs Predator were a huge success “Mainstream” but honestly they have more of a cult following and strong fan base than any other Horror Sci-fi franchise. Here is some LTS type artwork courtesy of AVP tumblr.

As a huge fan of innovation, we here at Lick the Stranger praise Ridley Scott for his creative horrors and for his interpretation of extraterrestrial life in our vast universe. Cannot wait to see Prometheus and hope that all of our Xenomorph origins speculations are confirmed. Those of you too scared or dont know who Sigourney Weaver is or asked yourselves, whats a Xenomorph? please spare us and go watch “BattleSHIT” with the lovely Rihanna, Im sure the CGI covers the bad acting/character development/ lack of plot line fairly well. Like I said we don’t normally do this (feature anything Mainstream or pop) but for Ridley Scott, its worth it, just ONCE.
Still think Prometheus isnt a prequel? Tell me why.
-Lick the Stranger.