MUSIC VIDEO APPROVAL and NEW*Artist Mention Monday!

FINALLY! we have gotten the approval from our good friend/brilliant artist Christina Christidou for us to work with her amazing piece “Without Words” as our music video. I know… I know you guys want to hear music! and NO I wont give out any details on the video, your going to have to wait… about a week(but I SWEAR YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!). Well to avoid further inquisition on the ideas or concepts behind our video I want to share with you the art of Christina Christidou…And yes its clay šŸ˜‰


Meet Chloe..Yes she is made of clay (hint hint)

Well I don’t know have to say it.. you know it.. I know it…she’s great. Christina is from Greece and specializes in digital illustration, photomanipulation, photo retouching, doll making. Her Innovative styles creates an ambience and overall mood that is distinct and unique to other artists. Her work is inspiring, dreamy and haunting. Interested in her stuff as much as we were heres her site
***Each week on mondays (yes I am aware its 2 am its finals week bite me)
we will feature a new innovative artist, so be on the look out for stuff I like and if you have an artist I might like or you want to be mentioned on our “artist mention mondays” send us a message.
Things I look for in submissions:
1) Tim burton inspired art.
2)Haunting fairy tale themed so anything that pops into your mind from this description.
3) Claymation/Clay art.
4) Dark themed, Dark Humor, Dark Love (BASICALLY ANYTHING DARK).
5)Surreal Art.
6) Tell us why you consider it innovative or why you think its badass šŸ™‚


Dream a little Dream

Dream a little dream..

Send us your thoughts and artists you would like me to mention.
Till tomorrow sweet dreams, from “Lick the Stranger”..


4 Responses to “MUSIC VIDEO APPROVAL and NEW*Artist Mention Monday!”

  1. Please mention CasperTunes if you like what you hear. Nice site. Thanks for supporting the arts.

    • I will most definitely give you guys a listen šŸ™‚ and thank you Im glad you like the site.
      We like to mention other artist/ musicians/ painters and innovators. Art is life. Thank you for the

    • by the way if you know other friends who are artist and you would like for them to be mentioned shoot them over or share our site to them:)
      Were always willing to help.

  2. Tim Burton inspired art = B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.. like the art someone is so obsessed with but is too afraid to scream it out XD

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