What is Lick the Stranger?

Well you see what record labels do, they promise you the moon and the stars, sign your music to their closets and make you open for shitty bands. Painters, haven’t you noticed that your artwork is better than the spilled paint splattered on the walls of Art museums and showcases. Photographers are all capturing beauty with their extension of an eye, their camera lens; but getting on a magazine is nearly impossible. Lick the Stranger, yes we are a artist we are musicians (but that doesn’t matter)… so we made this page not for us but for you, but because we have been there…been told that your artwork will be shared by millions, that your going to sign a major contract and that you matter…for those reasons, you matter to us. We seek to build a solid art community in which you can all share your artwork (all artwork) and get the attention you deserve. We are musicians that Love ART, we have a passion and so do you. They don’t want us in the popular world because we dont belong..frankly who wants to be pop? why so they can tell you to stop being the amazing passionate person you are and do what a producer tells you to do? I think NOT!
We Share, We Love and We Appreciate..  ART.
We bring to you Innovation and art of all forms. From film, to paintings, music, gaming…the underdog, we bring you real art.

These are Real artists who contribute Art for the passion. We share them in hopes of expanding your audiences.

The brilliant work of Travis Louie
Work- Untitled
Site- http://travislouie.com/
Thank you for your amazing work Travis!

“Generation 7” by Martinakis Adam
Thank you for contributing amazing art to society.

Christina Christidou

Our very own Christina Christidou contributed her work for Lick the Strangers first music video CLAYMATION, she is superbly brilliant!
These are among the few artists who have contributed innovative works of art to society.

Follow us and Help us share their beauty,
help us share their innovation.


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