Puscifer Coming to MIAMI and Yes were on college radio.

Yes I said it!! PUSCIFER! is coming to miami.
Now ladies and Gentlemen ever so often, when the POP music DEMONS turn a careless eye and all the planets align something extraordinary happens… for one day we are blessed  with something other than MADONNA or the other Madonna (lady GAGA) or Perry Ellis/Katy Ellis whatever that extraterrestrial bubbly demon bitch(yea you know who Im talking about , or that justin Gopher! plays in miami. YES for one day an ACTUAL MUSICIAN is going to set foot on FLORIDIAN SOIL. (EPIC MUSIC PLAYS**)
Well for those of you who dont know who Puscifer is (looks at you with a frown..then smiles) I dont blame you.. Maynard James Keenan from the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle started the band as the only solid member, writer and composer. Maynard claims to that Puscifer allows him to unveil himself musically without bound or restrictions, and considers it his “Creative Subconscious”.
With the release of their Sophomore album “Conditions of my parole”(good, its really really Good) Puscifer has received a solid following in distributed states around the US. Well enough with the real music lesson kiddies, you want to look into it go to WIKI. This album literally has no track skippers, (well except for the song Monsoons, too bright for my taste), its funny because buying this record was a gamble because prior to baby jesus giving me the gift of showing me the light by seeing one their performances I had only heard two songs (potions and the mission) the mission with Resident evils MILLA JOVOVICH! dont believe me look it.. well you get the point.

Heres the song. copy and paste or click.

Now I will share to you the light upon which I was once basked in. A light which made me buy this $9.00 record worth every penny, shit I’d buy it again, I can tell you its like nothing you’ve seen before; take a gamble(like I did). Here is “Telling Ghosts”

Aside from Puscifer I’m sure you’d like to know what the other half of the this title represents, right? well I was informed by WRGP Radiate Fm (Florida international University’s Radio Station) that they wanted to air one of our tracks, I’ll be honest.. he said he wanted us to play a show but declined in this fashion..”for what? to play to an audience that are obviously not even the slightest bit interested in hearing something innovative that doesn’t have DJ or a single straight rhythm with some quirky half naked girl singing the one that got away? thanks but no thanks” So he decides to prove to me the opposite, “there are people that care, Im one of them” he then proceeds to getting the MP3’s to Air.The song was the first song to air at 6pm prime time.
I know.. i know hehe I’m so sly,greedy and devious that I’m sharing the new song with everyone, everyone but you (yes YOU the one currently reading this sentence) well Im keeping you in the loop accordingly and in moderation. I promised him a live acoustic performance of the new song called: “…”  Ah thought Id give you the name?? nope! not yet. Well I’m not that mean so heres a teaser of whats to come for our MUSIC VIDEO.

Still from Music video *Courtesy Christina Christidou

So what did we gain and what did we learn tonight… A)POP demon Gods grace mercy upon us once every blue moon. B)Puscifer is say it with me “GOOOD REAL Music” C)Someone please tell me what katy ellis perry does? D) INNOVATION is the key to Art.
Know any other Innovative bands?
Are you in an Innovative band and want to get featured on one of our posts next week?
Send me a recommendation below Ill give it a listen . PLEASE NO POP music because its NOT innovative.

Leo. -Lick The Stranger.


21 Responses to “Puscifer Coming to MIAMI and Yes were on college radio.”

  1. Yay! Although I envy them who heard your NEW song that YOU WON’T EVEN NAME here, you devious stranger

    • okay okayyy:P the song is called “Lifting You Up”
      we are working on getting the frames in the right place and deciding what is going to be in the video so should be done by next monday.. no promises though lol. sorry for the late reply my internet has been acting up.

  2. Well that would be great! I look forward to it – though it would be greater if you’d also make a vid for ‘Here and Now’ and ‘Blind’ (my faves aside from SL) 😉 but no, take your time in making the vid if it means better quality, really

    • Im surprised that people like Here and now, that was the song that made it onto the radio, not senseless lovers. We are definitely taking our time with the video because we want it to be perfect, since I am a perfectionist lol. Seriously, your posts are so funny and insightful at the same time, you do your research huh? 😛

  3. I don’t know about them, but I love how it sounds so edgy – it’s just has this angst that so many people identify themselves with. Probably that’s why it’s so popular. But if I were to judge on musicality, Senseless Lovers would be at the top of my list. I just love how everything blends in that song. 😀 And lol, my posts? I don’t know, I think they’re an outlook resulting from past experiences. But mostly, they’re just a result of a lazy afternoon/cold evening with procrastination looming in the air. Yeah, that must be it

    • It means a lot to hear someone say that about senseless lovers. We did anatomy for a long time and tried many things in the “pop” world or genre. We had a lot of good and bad times, great shows and shitty shows but I could honestly say its a learning experience. Anatomy is on hold…for now. Were experimenting and we truly want to share our love for art:) I see you liked us on facebook btw 😀
      I think your blog is honest, humorous and entertaining. The Philippines must be an interesting place to live in. how is it? by the way did you read the new post I did? 🙂

  4. Yeah, I wouldn’t have Liked your page since I like to keep my identity in the blogging world as separate as it can be to my true(?)/fb identity, but I GOT to have those 5 songs, right? 😀 Anatomy is so cool. Aah, if only people could stop looking at the mainstream for a while. Do you have the same people on the band in LTS? Or does it have an entirely different concept?
    This blog is an outlet where I can pour out things none of my fb/real life friends could actually relate with. Like an open journal. And pop culture is so much a part of their lives I wanted to have a breath of fresh air. But yes, this is an interesting place to live in minus the oven-like summer heat and the overwhelming pressure of trying to fit in the vastly conservative but good people. 😀
    Haha, yeah I checked it out and it gives me this idea that LTS would be a band Tim Burton would form if only he’s got the time to(Can’t wait for your music video!).
    P.S. I don’t know about Prometheus yet, but I’m goin to check it out before I vote (and I really would since the title is my fave character in Greek Mythology/alter ego of The Sandman, a graphic novel I know you’d like)

    • Lol yea thats always good, it also maintains a good sense of anonymity and mystery to ones true self, making you more intriguing:P. Lol yea how else would you get the songs, you gotta like us to have them. 1 like for 5 songs, I think its a fair price lmao. Yea thats why I don’t feature anything “pop” on LTS’ site…there is no mainstream allowed here (thats for the “cool kids” lol) since the popular kids dont like us.. well just make friends with the other unpopular kids lol… your welcome to join our “nocoolkidswelcome” club lol:P get me? lol
      LTS has a completely different concept, members and musical style. I cant really compare it to any other band thats out now.. its experimental, progressive and innovative. AHH I WANT TO SHOW YOU ONE OF OUR SONGS ALREADYYY!!!! we want to post one of our songs so bad, its like i cant really explain LTS. I could try lol?

    • LTS try’s to break the boundaries of conscioness, things that seem logical (musically) dont apply to our music. Its like riding a roller coaster (in the dark), there is so many unexpected twists and turns. Theres form and no true form, I can tell you that the album is a “concept” album in which each song progressively tells a story. LTS was made by Me and Misha Varum, weve been playing music together for 3 years and 1year in Anatomy. I like that you called it LTS lol, its catchy lol 😛 thats my attempt to explain something of which can only be explained through experience. Trust me, the only way to understand this is to listen to it and watch our videos lol.

      • Hahaha.. I totally get you! And I agree with you that the best way to make someone understand is to let them experience that something. SO WHY DON’T YOU GIVE US A LINK ALREADY? Just one song. The video you could post later. XD It’s effective you know, the way you keep us edgy at the tip of our seats. But nice try, with the explaining. Though I know it would be mediocre compared with a link :p Lol. But really, it’s amazing how you create avant-garde music, so few people have the guts to do that these days. Record companies seem to only aim at pleasing pop-raised listeners and don’t give a damn about the other undiscovered forms out there. Such a pity, really. But thanks to people like you who don’t care and just give art a chance. (How about a teaser link, it could even last for only half a minute? Just to give us a little taste of LTS?? No? FIne, fine. Let us wait in the gloomy part of the playground with our sorry, unpopular asses all you want)

      • Hmm thats not a bad Idea, perhaps a 30 second trailer of lifting you up. MAAAYBE, I have to see with my colleague, but I think it could be done, i dont see why not. The video should be done by monday, hopefully. lmao I gave explaining it a shot, yes and thats precisely why record labels are losing business and hemorrhaging money. The reason they dont sign people unknown talent is because they dont have the money to just blindly invest anymore, those days where the old fat label CEO with the cigar in his mouth would sit down and listen to an album of Tool and say “this shit will sell platinum” are over. The labels are clinging to whats “popular” which are like 10 artist they call their “golden children” because they know they cant fail and its a for sure cashed check. But there is no ambition, no innovation, no passion, its dead and thats why they are dying(actually they are dead, their just too DEAD to notice). People will get tired of the IT thing quickly. Thats why its called “pop” because just as fast as it popped up is just as fast as it flops down. We love art and we believe in people, people that believe in themselves. They want to deny them exposure… thats fine because we wont. Thank you for appreciating what were trying to do Jen :). Labels are dead, deader than dead..really stinking rotting dead lol.

  5. You do make a lot of sense, you know. It explains why we’re only listening to outdated/rubbish songs from different (?) artists who don’t veer off from the same melodies to use in their “new” songs. Monotonous melodies at its drabbest. It’s really uninspiring. I love music but because of what crap they produce these days, I tend to listen to older songs (like the 80’s) or get out of my way to find the works of innovative/experimental artists (like you) or on those days when I’m too lazy, I just sit and listen to the classical stuff lol. You can’t go wrong with them. But do you really think it will last, I mean this downward slope the industry’s taking, surely it won’t last forever? They gotta bounce back or else..I don’t know..it’s depressing to even think about it. But no, no, they gotta innovate and they have to because even though it’s slow, artists are starting to get creative again, word is spreading, and I know people do get tired of listening to the same shit *coughs* over and over again UNLESS they’re cyborgs, in which case I rest my case (Is it wrong to be optimistic?). And LOL! This already sounds like a rant!! 😀 But yeah, it’s almost Monday, and you know what that means? I know you perfectly know.. Hahaha 😀

    • Well nothing is eternal all good and bad things must come to an end at some point. There must be innovation and passion again if there is to be an entertainment industry. The industry is a ghost of what it once was, now only it’s presence lingers but not it’s vessel what it truly stood for “believing” in an artist and his or her art. Lol yes it makes way for a great rant, but sadly many people have been brain washed to believe that what the industry is doing is what it’s always done but they are wrong… We’re not all stupid and were not all so easily convinced. Lol yea and on Monday youll get what you wanted 😀 a clip of the new song lifting you up 🙂 can’t wait for my favorite day of the week 😀

  6. LOL! (I sound like a kid who was promised her favorite toy XD)

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