Cabin in the woods an Innovative Laxative to the Horror Genre.

Well I went to go see Cabin in the woods with my girlfriend on friday, mind you I was so excited to see it since the first time I gazed upon that wonderful trailer! it seemed so enticing and then I heard that it received good reviews from critics. I dont have to mention  that horror films have barely ever met the minimum standards for film critics probably since Alfred hitchcocks “psycho” or Carpenters “Halloween”. Horror film with good reviews :O NOW I HAD TO SEE IT. I wont spoil anything for you because by telling you how insulting and degrading this “horror/COMEDY” is to the genre of horror is actually spoiling the twist of the entire film. No really, I literally cannot tell why I thought it was bad because the twist its self is what is building up throughout an hour an a half of them avoiding horror cliché’s whats worse is that they were deliberately insulting every form of the genre. I love horror so much, I really do lol, I love DAVID LYNCH (lost highway, mulholland drive) , John carpenter (“the thing” is amazing), george romero and inclusively Hitchcock. im 21 years old now and the first movie I ever remember seeing at the age of 3 was Predator with Arnold. Now this movie (in my opinion) took a Major Laxative induced dump on all that we love about “slashers”. Sorry for ranting lol but I feel like it was not worth $24 lol me and my gf actually went to get 2 free tickets because we told the manager at Regal cinemas how bad it was. Well I give them credit for one thing and I understand why the critics gave it good ratings, because of its attempt at originality, we all know what happened when “originality” kicked in JUNO happened and now everything seems angled towards that style of indie shooting. Except Juno was a good movie and opened the door to some good films (500 days of summer). But this movie literally MOCKS  innovative new films like “the Strangers” which (i might add) was a spectacular addition to the horror genre. That is why I think this movie is shitty lol, not only for what it is but because it may ruin the horror genre for at least the next 10 years.  Heres the false advertising/enticing poster. Sorry for ranting, well no Actually im not because this movie was an injustice and maybe its just me maybe I just dont get it, but Im pretty sure its garbage(french tone).

Entertaining for about 30 mins.

Well now do you agree or disagree? Am I just not enough of a hipster to like this film or am I right?
Well i think im right lol what do you think? 😛


4 Responses to “Cabin in the woods an Innovative Laxative to the Horror Genre.”

  1. My first reaction after seeing the film was to rant too! I found it not scary/intelligent enough to be a horror, but not funny enough to be a comedy – not a successful combination….

    • Yes! I completely agree with you. Not to mention the fact that they trashed the horror genre to greater magnitude than any other film. I mean I get that they’re trying to be innovative and im all for innovation, but this was just silly, a pure mockery of horror classics history. SPOILER AHEAD……………………………………….. I mean those things with that SPHERE cmon it was the cenobites from hellraiser. Obviously most horror directors saw this as a joke and werent stupid enough to give them the rights to most of their horror creations. Not scary, barely funny, innovative yes but good not sure? did you like it at all?

      • Funnily enough I thought that it was well cast and as a Buffy fan, I liked that some bits felt very Buffy-ish… I also liked the fact that I could watch it without screaming or feel uncomfortable. The gore overload meant that the blood quickly lost its shock value!

      • I was never a fan of the Buffy series myself but I did love the movie from the 80’s with Keifer Sutherlands father. Absolutely, they did take it easy on the scares and the gore was overwhelming, a bit too soon for my taste. They dont leave anything to the imagination any more. Some moments were enlightening (like explaining why certain things happen in horror movies) other moments were just too ridiculous. Its like the movie was simply made to deliberately try and avoid every possible cliché known to man while forgetting the true essence of horror.

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