NEW* Music Video for us, Film festival submission for Franco!

Well well well..since this is a band website after all I cant spend all of my time (although I do anyway) ranting about films and things I want to do and basically things we like in general, I assume you wanna hear something about us eventually. So I feel like its our duty to share with all of you that we are going to release a new music video, I wont reveal any details because it is still in the works going through approval processes but lets just say tim burton would be proud. The music video itself reminds me of Coraline.. OH NO Ive said to much already! I’ll stop, I’ll stop motion it… I mean.. Ugh Not gonna say another word, we just hope you’ll enjoy it.

Mujer Muerte

Not what were doing but you get the Idea

On a cool note our buddy and longterm friend Gianfranco Remiggie (brilliant director/Photographer/funguy hire him) has come to me for help for writing a script, for those of you who are new which is all of you I presume, he directed the music video for our other band Anatomy. I’ll post a link so you could check it out later. Returning from tangent, we love everything surreal, drama and I love to act (I meaning Leo) we have great ideas and would love to share it with y’all in the hopes that you will support our art.
Here’s my good friend Franco’s demo reel, (WARNING might cause WATERY EYES) and yes the song is from Transformers big woop you wanna fight about it? (family guy reference for those who dont know, rolls eyes**)
GianFranco Demo Reel.
Best Friend/ Artist.

If you like our blog show some support and share,share and tell us you love us! lol


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