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Artist Mention Monday and PROMETHEUS TEASER

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So after last weeks rant on the so called “Artists of Today” like Lady Gaga, Justin Gopher and Katy Perry “Ellis”, Ive decided to spare you further torment and show you some real ART by REAL artists, yes it seems that the demon gods of pop do not have a firm grasp on my brain therefore making me immune to their trance (music) and garbage (i mean popular) art. The planets must have perfectly aligned once more because It’s time for Artist Mention MONDAY! That’s right, its that day of the week where something I find innovative will find its way onto a post. After all the suggestions from other bloggers and friends as well as some research of my own I have have found this…

"What she had seen" Courtesy of "Regan the imp".

When her brother asked her why she had drawn the tentacles coming out of the eyes she responded “where do you suggest would be a better place to put them?” her brother responded “her eyes are just fine”. Due to the lack of information on her site and respecting her privacy, I can tell you the key interesting points which make this artist “innovative and unique”. Regan is not all over the place with her art, all of her works follow a common theme in which she rarely strays away from. Incorporating “invader Zim”(Yes I know I was pissed when it got cancelled too) like dark humor with dreamy conceptual themes; Regan stays focused she knows what shes good at and does it well. Currently, I’m getting further information on her social networks just in case you want to contact her for her work, for the mean time here is her Deviant art page

As always..You know It, I know it, we don’t have to say it, shes great!
I just want to say thank you to all the recommendations and suggestions for A.M.M if you didnt get featured don’t get mad or sad! soon you’ll be able to post your art here (relax..relaaax papa were working on it) for now just keep sending me requests and send me comments. I’ll be sure to get to you. As always remember the themes (anything dark,surreal, tim burton like and tell me why you think your innovative) comment/rate and message me I’ll reply to all and review all.

Now if there was ever anything that brought a chill down my spine its this…. what is it you ask? well its something horror/Sci-fi fans are waiting for with high expectations and anticipation, the prequel to one the most innovative and revolutionizing horror films in Sci-fi history. From the twisted, visionary and brilliant mind of director/writer RIDLEY SCOTT comes the next chapter or should I say the (previous chapter, since its a prequel) in the bone chilling experience that is the alien saga.. he brings you

say it in unison with feeling....FUCK YES!

Check back on Wednesday for my insightful review (i promise I wont rant, I like Alien) on the Alien films and Prometheus. YES its a Prequel so dont get cute with us in denying the fact that it is. But I still want to hear your opinions prior to expressing mine SOO here’s a cool little Poll, so do it


NEW* Music Video for us, Film festival submission for Franco!

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Well well well..since this is a band website after all I cant spend all of my time (although I do anyway) ranting about films and things I want to do and basically things we like in general, I assume you wanna hear something about us eventually. So I feel like its our duty to share with all of you that we are going to release a new music video, I wont reveal any details because it is still in the works going through approval processes but lets just say tim burton would be proud. The music video itself reminds me of Coraline.. OH NO Ive said to much already! I’ll stop, I’ll stop motion it… I mean.. Ugh Not gonna say another word, we just hope you’ll enjoy it.

Mujer Muerte

Not what were doing but you get the Idea

On a cool note our buddy and longterm friend Gianfranco Remiggie (brilliant director/Photographer/funguy hire him) has come to me for help for writing a script, for those of you who are new which is all of you I presume, he directed the music video for our other band Anatomy. I’ll post a link so you could check it out later. Returning from tangent, we love everything surreal, drama and I love to act (I meaning Leo) we have great ideas and would love to share it with y’all in the hopes that you will support our art.
Here’s my good friend Franco’s demo reel, (WARNING might cause WATERY EYES) and yes the song is from Transformers big woop you wanna fight about it? (family guy reference for those who dont know, rolls eyes**)
GianFranco Demo Reel.
Best Friend/ Artist.

If you like our blog show some support and share,share and tell us you love us! lol

Cabin in the woods an Innovative Laxative to the Horror Genre.

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Well I went to go see Cabin in the woods with my girlfriend on friday, mind you I was so excited to see it since the first time I gazed upon that wonderful trailer! it seemed so enticing and then I heard that it received good reviews from critics. I dont have to mention  that horror films have barely ever met the minimum standards for film critics probably since Alfred hitchcocks “psycho” or Carpenters “Halloween”. Horror film with good reviews :O NOW I HAD TO SEE IT. I wont spoil anything for you because by telling you how insulting and degrading this “horror/COMEDY” is to the genre of horror is actually spoiling the twist of the entire film. No really, I literally cannot tell why I thought it was bad because the twist its self is what is building up throughout an hour an a half of them avoiding horror cliché’s whats worse is that they were deliberately insulting every form of the genre. I love horror so much, I really do lol, I love DAVID LYNCH (lost highway, mulholland drive) , John carpenter (“the thing” is amazing), george romero and inclusively Hitchcock. im 21 years old now and the first movie I ever remember seeing at the age of 3 was Predator with Arnold. Now this movie (in my opinion) took a Major Laxative induced dump on all that we love about “slashers”. Sorry for ranting lol but I feel like it was not worth $24 lol me and my gf actually went to get 2 free tickets because we told the manager at Regal cinemas how bad it was. Well I give them credit for one thing and I understand why the critics gave it good ratings, because of its attempt at originality, we all know what happened when “originality” kicked in JUNO happened and now everything seems angled towards that style of indie shooting. Except Juno was a good movie and opened the door to some good films (500 days of summer). But this movie literally MOCKS  innovative new films like “the Strangers” which (i might add) was a spectacular addition to the horror genre. That is why I think this movie is shitty lol, not only for what it is but because it may ruin the horror genre for at least the next 10 years.  Heres the false advertising/enticing poster. Sorry for ranting, well no Actually im not because this movie was an injustice and maybe its just me maybe I just dont get it, but Im pretty sure its garbage(french tone).

Entertaining for about 30 mins.

Well now do you agree or disagree? Am I just not enough of a hipster to like this film or am I right?
Well i think im right lol what do you think? 😛