“Staring at the ceiling” and food poisoning.

Working on the new record makes for a good time. New song staring at the ceiling is nearly complete and should be out next week, what’s better than psychological free association in musical expression?
Wine, sushi, guitars, protools (which sucks ass, dont know why we mentioned this, forget it) Jamaican patties? Yes thats it Jamaican patties makes for a perfect night of musical and psychological liberation!!
But if there’s anything you can grab from this site right now besides how awesome it looks,Ā  is don’t ever eat Jamaican patty’s, yes I know…I know… they are delicious, but fact is that in Jamaica they serve patty’s to cleanse their digestive system of toxins, hmm wonder how? (random fact which few people know, if its a lie correct me)
and two dont ever eat a Jamaican Patty from a Russian. Misha decided to give me a Jamaican patty that has been in his room for 2 days; yes Im just as much as a dumbass for eating it, GOT MAJOR FOOD POISONING. What did we learn ?
1) Staring at the ceiling sounds like Freud’s Psychoanalysis but in music. COMING SOON!
2) Protools sucks ass, dont believe me? try it lets see how long before you get the (running out of CPU Power) message.
3) Dont eat Jamaican Patty’s, especially from a RUSSIAN.


23 Responses to ““Staring at the ceiling” and food poisoning.”

  1. I just wanted to say that I love the background artwork on here!

  2. Great art, looks good. keep us updated.

    • Brilliant artwork by frenzyland on deviantart
      It’s a price called lady and her angler. Thank you for the feedback I would love some more subscribers don’t know how to go on about that.

  3. Staring at the ceiling is what I’ve been doing for bout an hour just 10 hours ago…I’m rather curious how a music with that title could turn out. Hurry with the song! šŸ˜€ *And your background art reminds me so much of Gaiman’s The Sandman graphic novel. Lovely.*

    • Haha our drummer(who does alot of drugs lol) does that for hours at a time when he has nothing to do, he literally stares at his walls or the ceiling. We are actually recording vocals tomorrow so its almost done šŸ™‚
      were also working on the music video for the song “lifting you up” which your the first person to know about it šŸ˜› I do however have some lyrics you can read meanwhile to increase your curiosity ;)?
      And thank you so much it is a painting called “lady and her Angler” by FrenzyLand:)

      • Haha! I’m so thankful I don’t have to do drugs just to be able to do that torturous/beautiful little past time. šŸ˜€ The lyrics in Fantasma conveys perfectly infatuation that borders on obsession (which I think we have been all guilty of :p) …and yay, good luck with the music video! I’ll have to come back here often to see if you’ve finished it then, and Staring at the ceiling, of course. šŸ˜‰

    • http://allpoetry.com/LicktheStranger
      Just made the account but that sites kinda dead lol.
      Anyway if you know any artists that you like, find innovative or want to see them mentioned next week send me a link to their work or share our page to them:)
      Im leo by the way nice to meet you:)

      • Hm, why don’t you post your poetry here then? Saves the trouble of jumping sites. The artwork that impressed me lately are the ones featured in AdBusters, that’s some anti – consumerist magazine. You should check it out! And yeah, nice to meet you, too, Leo. -Jenn šŸ˜‰

        P.S. Here’s the link, hope it’ll work!


      • Haha he really loves his Psychedelic drugs. Yes we just finished recording vocals today, song is done but needs mixing and mastering. Good news is I just received the footage for our video and are also in the process of post production now šŸ™‚ Im really happy that you liked the lyrics for Staring.. its one of my favorites:).
        Were recording our 4 th track this weekend. Plan to do like 7 more and then release this record online:) with a couple of surprises.

      • Im definitely going to check it out, thanks for sharing that with me :). I read your post on SEED lmao i literally died laughing!! btw sorry I responded so late but Ive been recording all day.

  4. wow, you must be dog tired! I’ve only tried recording once and ’twas pretty draining. But if you love what you’re doing then it should be worth it. šŸ™‚ and lol, I had the idea for seed when my friend lost me to the psycho world after my 4th try to figure out what she was saying behind her bawls.. XD but yeah, good luck with your album and don’t forget to post your music vid here when it’s done šŸ˜‰

  5. Yep, her boyfriend was cheating with her bestfriend and got the girl pregnant that’s why she’s such a wreck. Couldn’t really blame her. If that happens to me, well I dunno, I’d surely hate :p

  6. I know…but what really annoys me is that she still goes out with the guy. UGH, how stupid “love” can be

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