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My Puscifer Experience

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Well sorry Im getting back to you late, I know that a post was promised on thursday but one thing led to another and I had to catch up on some old PS one games, Im sure you understand the urgency of my situation. NOW PUSCIFER, you my friend told me “leo how much can I truly expect from a band that composites the words Pussy and Lucifer as means of recognition for a group?…he replied to himself in the following “A HELLFUCKING LOT THATS JUST GENIUS”. Thats right my friend because Puscifer loves the word “VAGINA” and they make sure you love it too, while a video clip of Maynard James Keenan dressed up as a Drunkard Military Colonel begins by stating that no video or photography is allowed, if he catches you he will come out of the screen and kick your ass himself

Highlight of the moment” I toured with that band called “fools-uhh Drools oh Tool thats right and that other shit uhh Full circle, Im sorry whats its called Half circle” yea perfect half circle”- Major Douche.

(I was in the forth row, I almost took a video just to get the shit beaten out of me, so I can go back with a black eye to tell my friends “Yeah I got my ass kicked by MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN” what an Honorable way to get your ass kicked”, theres should be like an XBOX achievement for it, called “Spiraled Out” those enjoying the moment receive a lesser achievement but still good one called “Vicarious”)

A perfect circle Bassist and carina round collaborator standing in front of a trailer home stage prop.

The Idea of the show was to change your setting from your regular city backyard to the vast openness of the Arizona Sonoran Desert, (with a trailer home, grill, chairs a fake fire and a drumset on a hack tractor) Maynard did a damn good job at it. First off he began with a deep discussion of Sustainability (no not the enviromental kind for you tree huggers) just messing around its was about humanities roots of Specializations within ancient civilizations and how art was created as a means to share their knowledge of life and how its the only thing that will keep us moving on. Yea sorry Scrappy/Frillix lovers DJ lovers what ever the hell that shit is called if your reading this, I think its time for you to leave, its already too complicated for you to understand (were talking about real music now okay). Anyway, the concert felt like a it was conducted as a broadway theater play. The drummer OWNED, literally he is a star, the simplistic drum beats of the industrial experimental genre were just glamourized and brought to a hole new level with this guy “Jeff Friedl” and bassist “MATT McJunkins” really stole the stage in many a moments. The overall atmosphere was genuine, unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. Its like the perfect balance of wisdom, jokes and good fun, badass industrial experimental music and some wine to enjoy the ride. The concert felt like we were all relaxing with the band as they played they tracks separated by what seemed like ACTS. Act 1 was Wiseness Act 2 was the Change in times and wishes of the future and ACT 3 was Today as in the Present. Or maybe Im just a band Geek that looks too into things.

The set list was magical, and Maynard was happy and not being the typical asshole everyone knows him to be, he was actually surprisingly nice. Carina was amazing, aside from her endless beauty her talents surpass any of the so called “good” singers of the pop generation. Maynard always brings us gold with his music, lyrics and now with adjacent and collaborators as well. I honestly see a bright future for miss Carina, its crazy how she moved like Young maynard…YEAH you remember the Tool 1993 performance in the Reading Festival where maynard wore a pink long john, Well thats exactly how she moved, so animalistic, yet unique and inciting. When the tracks were all played the band sat down and enjoyed a nice glass of whine on front stage. When the crowd took their seats Maynard said “who the hell said you could sit down? whos over 48 here? a couple people raised their hands, he followed on by saying “okay you can sit down youve earned the fucking right to sit down”. BRILLIANCE. I feel like society takes very little notice of gems such as puscifer and instead turns to the mindless and heartless forms of stupidity they called POP music. But its only when its gone that they start to appreciate it. Overall the concert was an amazing experience worth repeating itself.  What do we all think of Maynard….lets have a look..

HAHA yea cmon we all think that dont lie. Well there is innovation and there is shit all crossing a thin line on thin ice and since the world isnt always niceness and bunnies shitting out rainbows NO NO NO there is the dark side and there is a lot of SHITTY music out there. Im gonna show you guys something a reporter wrote on the newspaper about one the worst bands to ever take a SHIT on music, one the bands that is so OFFENSIVE to the rock Genre that anyone mentioning the name deserves an automatic Nut check, yea your probably already saying to yourself “Oh shit nooo its Nick…. ” well NO! dont say it ! cuz demons will come and rape you! So I’ll let an image take care of that…just for shits and good laughs heres the image..

I know…I know.. but trust me Ive got a news reporter who spoke the truth behind nickelshit and Ive gotta show it to you.

Hey looks like Im not the only one who doesnt like nickel…one must not say the name remember…
Innovation and art of all forms
LTS. Leo Bazan.


Tool New RECORD! and Music video Update.

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Well…its come down to this…im just gonna say it…the music of today is SHIT; no body has the COJONS (translation:testicles,balls, bollitas, huevos) to say it. Well someone has to engage in the glorious honor to say it, and in order to be taken seriously it must be someone with merit and respect as “musicians”. That some one is none other than TOOL.

copyright Tool/wikironin

Tool’s Lateralus and 10,000 days

One of the most unique and innovative artists of the early 1990’s that has managed to collect a huge cult following and withstood the test of time as well as, the atrocious  uprising of the popular music genre of today. Who is this legendary artist? well its none other than Tool. If for what ever reason you were deprived or suffer from acute
“popularunmusicalitus” then you havent heard music till you’ve heard Tool. After 6 years of silence Tool bounced back with a relaunch of their 2006 10,000Days tour, of which I had the honor of being graced by their presence in Ft.Lauderdales Bank Atlantic Center this year. Now my dad always taught me that me men don’t cry, even if you get kicked in the balls, you do not cry. Well I was brought to tears when I heard that Tool is releasing a new Record THIS YEAR and they are going into the Studio in June.

Lateralus Era.

Tool is always sketchy with their newsletters, teasing their fans by not releasing accurate info so I like to mention bloggers and commentary from individuals interested on the subject on various sites. Im sure that most agree that music isn’t exactly the greatest these days. People Biff from agree with the previous statement, he said the following: “this is great news for music. Remind everyone that not everything is trash music and that there’s still people out there who care about their art”. Shadow remains from “I apologize to progheads (progressive rock) but bands like opeth, POS are limited to heavy metal sounds while tool thinks out of the box to create something beautiful and honest, thats what prog is all about, seems bands have forgotten that nowadays”. Tool new record is going to incite an invigorating fire of inspiration in musicians, maybe they will initiate something new in rock this year. Listen to some of their music, see the difference for yourself..Here’s one of my favorite songs called Jambi from 10,000Days.

Ah yeah PAPA thats the good stuff right there! …sorry got carried away there, even mentioned the “ah yeah papa” inside joke between my Girlfriends brother and I. Well if you stick around mayyyyyybe I’ll let you in on it;)
Well as for the update on our music video.. this monday we will release “LICK THE STRANGERS” first music video on the song lifting you up. Not a big deal, just excited to show you guys who are always here with us, liking and sharing our page as well as, the artists that have been mentioned here.

Yup its Claymation 🙂

Know what that play button that screen means? it means that the videos done, were just waiting to release it for sh*ts and giggles :). Noo just playing around it still needs color correcting and thats pretty much it its done. Do the poll below if you liked JAMBI and Ive coaxed you into waiting vigorously for their new record.