Tool New RECORD! and Music video Update.

Well…its come down to this…im just gonna say it…the music of today is SHIT; no body has the COJONS (translation:testicles,balls, bollitas, huevos) to say it. Well someone has to engage in the glorious honor to say it, and in order to be taken seriously it must be someone with merit and respect as “musicians”. That some one is none other than TOOL.

copyright Tool/wikironin

Tool’s Lateralus and 10,000 days

One of the most unique and innovative artists of the early 1990’s that has managed to collect a huge cult following and withstood the test of time as well as, the atrocious  uprising of the popular music genre of today. Who is this legendary artist? well its none other than Tool. If for what ever reason you were deprived or suffer from acute
“popularunmusicalitus” then you havent heard music till you’ve heard Tool. After 6 years of silence Tool bounced back with a relaunch of their 2006 10,000Days tour, of which I had the honor of being graced by their presence in Ft.Lauderdales Bank Atlantic Center this year. Now my dad always taught me that me men don’t cry, even if you get kicked in the balls, you do not cry. Well I was brought to tears when I heard that Tool is releasing a new Record THIS YEAR and they are going into the Studio in June.

Lateralus Era.

Tool is always sketchy with their newsletters, teasing their fans by not releasing accurate info so I like to mention bloggers and commentary from individuals interested on the subject on various sites. Im sure that most agree that music isn’t exactly the greatest these days. People Biff from agree with the previous statement, he said the following: “this is great news for music. Remind everyone that not everything is trash music and that there’s still people out there who care about their art”. Shadow remains from “I apologize to progheads (progressive rock) but bands like opeth, POS are limited to heavy metal sounds while tool thinks out of the box to create something beautiful and honest, thats what prog is all about, seems bands have forgotten that nowadays”. Tool new record is going to incite an invigorating fire of inspiration in musicians, maybe they will initiate something new in rock this year. Listen to some of their music, see the difference for yourself..Here’s one of my favorite songs called Jambi from 10,000Days.

Ah yeah PAPA thats the good stuff right there! …sorry got carried away there, even mentioned the “ah yeah papa” inside joke between my Girlfriends brother and I. Well if you stick around mayyyyyybe I’ll let you in on it;)
Well as for the update on our music video.. this monday we will release “LICK THE STRANGERS” first music video on the song lifting you up. Not a big deal, just excited to show you guys who are always here with us, liking and sharing our page as well as, the artists that have been mentioned here.

Yup its Claymation 🙂

Know what that play button that screen means? it means that the videos done, were just waiting to release it for sh*ts and giggles :). Noo just playing around it still needs color correcting and thats pretty much it its done. Do the poll below if you liked JAMBI and Ive coaxed you into waiting vigorously for their new record.


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