Artist mention Mondays and LTS Music Video Treat

The phrase “Breaking the Mold” was an expression DIGITALLY imprinted into the heart of the artist being featured today. All I could say is Holy F*; I mean the words innovation barely scratch the surface of the visually spectacular artwork of this artist. From ideas of meditation mixed with elements of earth, idealism’s of futuristic passions, to the insightful views of a mind opened and enlightened by his Third Eye (and for the hipsters no, its not the band). Oh your just dying to know who it is, arent you? Shit I would be too. Well let me stall you no further and spare you the engagements of suspense. But before I start breaking down his work, see for your self and indulge yourself in the works of Martinakis Adam.

“Wet Balance” Martinakis Adam-

Okay, okay you could come back now…a beautiful depiction of the peace at mind,body and soul of meditation and the power of life through the element of Water. Martinakis Adam is an Artist | Professional | Digital Art; born in Lubań, Poland in 1972. Since 1982 lives and works in Athens, Greece. In 2009 Adam was claimed Winner of the international art competition in Luxemburg as well Earned Silver Award @ His innovation (in my opinion) seems to derive from contemporary psychedelic artwork, buddhist idealism, his efforts encourage the state of freeing the mind (and entering the matrix), miasmatic artworks from the lights comparable to that of Alex Gray (dont know him? sorry that you have been deprived) alex gray was an innovator in the arts of psychedelics in the early 90’s.

I’ll tell you what (literally) hits the nail on the head for me about Adam. The visual delicacy of Adams works are purely the future of psychedelic and mantra like paintings, thats right I said it..the FUTURE, its like popping LSD while being inside the matrix or..before entering the matrix, what ever messes you up the most. Why is he worthy of INNOVATOR? well he’s one of the few artists engaging in this selective form of Digital art, essentially incorporating animus and anima, thoughts of free association and digital design program to do the rest. Most psychedelics are brush, paint, oil based or designed in shapes, but Adam said screw that shit Im streaching the envelope of reality…virtual reality. If you love Martinakis Adam

“Generation 7”-

Sorry had to show you one more for the road…follow his blog at
NOW your all in for a real TREAT! From all of us here Lick the Stranger, we want to give you an early halloween present…the music video for “lifting you up” I know some of you are saying F*cking FINALLY! and others rather go see Katy Perry Ellis shoot fire works out her tits. Well No POP allowed here boys and girls so get ready for some good ol fashioned Clay time. Here is our Music video-Lick the stranger’s:Lifting You Up.


2 Responses to “Artist mention Mondays and LTS Music Video Treat”

  1. Christina Christidou, Gianfranco Remiggi, and Lick The Stranger….. (screeeeaaaaammmmmmmsssss) DAMN, I LOVE THIS!!!

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