Artist mention monday “Does this speak to you?”. New song Teaser

Emotive an adjective that describes “a tendency for causing emotion or designed to arouse emotion”. Phenomenal an adjective meaning “remarkable, perceptible by the senses or through immediate experience”. What do you get when you mix the two? an in depth view of an artist’s poetic and visually lyrical soul that has the capability of expanding and enticing ones own true hidden emotions. In lamence terms…one badass artist that has won over yet another one of our Artist Mention Monday’s, before I continue lose yourself for a moment and dive into Art…

connection to ivy. It’s so delicate, so beautiful, so slowly growing–and most of all, it is quite destructive.
Just like my thought process.

Shannon is an  Artist | Student | Traditional Artist, from the United States. Plagued by her own senses of overwhelming emotions, this artist has found an innovative an proactive form of releasing her frustrating and mentally draining condition known as anxiety.. Shannon find comfort in Art. The painting above is called “Wrought in worry” in it she describes that her initial concept was “comparing it to my thoughts–my twisted anxiety about nearly everything. Emotional by nature, I tend to care too much–worry too much. About what people think about certain things. About love or passion. About sex. About money issues.”  There is few artist that truly give a piece of themselves through art work, most tend to be observers of the world around them. The most innovative and insightful artist are those that spread a piece of their soul in their works, essentially to be criticized. As Trent Reznor (if you dont know who this is SHAME ON YOU) said “well there it is a new record or should I say another piece of my soul, here you go …criticize it.”

Her Lunacy Fringe

One of the most remarkable things that Shannon is able to do is to speak to our inner senses, creating a unique atmosphere and accurately conveying her state of mind in all her works; pure brilliance. It’s evident that Shannon places a part of her soul in each and every one of her paintings and thats what makes her one beautiful person and an innovator in the community of Artistry. For more of her wondrous artwork check out her deviantart page

Emotional Drought.

NOW… Lets give a round of applause to Jen from for getting us to finally give you a little taste of original music by Lick the Stranger. Jen drove a hard argument and managed to convince us to preview the song “lifting you up” prior to releasing the music video. We hope that you enjoy our little teaser, we are excited to release the music video to y’all. So without further a do….WAIT before I play it…don’t wanna burst your bubble but I gotta tell you that its alright…………(sorry i meant my dads cooking, its just alright not great you on to the song), but seriously though let us know what you think and tune in for next weeks AMM’s
got a nice surprise awaiting new MONDAY so dont miss it.


One Response to “Artist mention monday “Does this speak to you?”. New song Teaser”

  1. Seems like the long, heated argument was well worth it! 😀

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