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Things have changed.

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Well, its been such a long time since I posted on this blog. I remember a time when I couldnt wait for it to be monday (due to our Artist mention Mondays of course). Time to fill you in on whats been going on with me. Well I have decided to embark in Medical school, during this long period of silence I have been focusing on taking the core classes necessary for admission. I took Biology 1 and 2, chemistry 1 and 2, Physics, organic chemistry…YOU NAME IT! I mean just thinking about this makes me wanna puke! I dont have much time to write on this blog and I dont even know why its still active lol. I will try to write during the holidays but it will truly be a long shot. There were a few people that have messaged me, of which I never replied to seeing as to how the messages were sent in October and it is now December I doubt the person is still inquiring about me! hahaha. I miss the easy times when I could sit on the computer looking for brilliant artwork to share with you guys but unfortunately those days are long gone. Any way, lets stray away from the gloom factor a bit because I gotta tell you guys I SAW NINE INCH NAILS LIVE! YES! I saw trent reznor in the Flesh! (i was like all the way in the back but…) still, I got to see trent reznor! Here are some  pictures

My girlfriend kimmy and I while waiting for the next song to play!

My girlfriend kimmy and I while waiting for the next song to play!

ECSTATIC ME right before the show!!

ECSTATIC ME right before the show!!

Eating at a mexican restaurant which was literally a hole in wall but it was incredible!

Eating at a mexican restaurant which was literally a hole in wall but it was incredible!

Near the end, of which he returned to play 4 more songs!!!

Near the end, of which he returned to play 4 more songs!! this is not the exact picture but I promise you it looked exactly like this!

Anyway, the concert was bought by my lovely girlfriend kimmy. She is the best part of my life and wouldnt give her up for anything on the planet!

Well I shall leave you all (anyone paying attention anyway) not in a sad note but in a happy note. Perhaps, I can still write on the blog…let me get your consensus on that.




Nine Inch Nails New RECORD! lets make a BET shall we?

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(**INTENDED FOR THOSE WHO KNOW NINE INCH NAILS, if you DONT know Click the link in BLUE) then read on!
FUCK YES! This ones personal, because its one of my all time favorite artist of all time NINE INCH NAILS. And still going strong, what? stopped touring? farewell tour over and done with? so does that mean NO MORE NIN. Well… wipe your tears and clean your skidmarks because NIN is far from Over. Trent Reznor was “spent” from all the years of being on the road with Nine inch nails, so he decides to do a farewell tour, then sell all his live equipment and call it quits OR SO IT SEEMS! Although everybody deserves a break, trents Breaks consist of various productive and rewarding activities. Such as,  A little Marrying here (Mariqueen Maandig) FINALLY great btw, a little producing there (how to destroy angels *his wifes band) and a couple of oscars and award winning films scores here and there (the social network and girl with the dragon tattoo).HOLY SHIT its like that kid that says “Mom when I get  older Im gonna be a doctor, football player, space cowboy, president and accomplishes every single one of these, as a matter of fact wears a cowboy hat while going to Mars”. Trent has endured tough times through out his life as Nine Inch Nails and took on rampaging hell fires with corporations and Record labels alike that thrived at the idea of milking the “product” Nine Inch Nails for all its worth. Luckly Trent is no puppet and fought swiftly and intelligently through every battle seemingly turning out on top. Now Free of his record contract restraints with Interscope Nine inch nails is on uncharted lands what concoction will Reznor reveal to us next and most importantly WILL HE TOUR AGAIN?

Wave Goodbye tour (Credits to Kimberly for the photo)

This seems to be the last memory of the legendary showman Trent Reznor as we remember him on stage. Sadly Nine Inch Nails took on what was promised to be the last tour for the singer songwriter. During the Golden Globe awards this year Reznor spoke about a new record as a means to express his inner voice which has been silenced for quite sometime now. “I think I have something to say that feels unique to who I am right now, and that’s when it tells me it’s time to do something.” So far the record and its components are pure speculation. Will it be like the Downward Spiral? or something With Teeth. Well lets ask trent, shall we? “It’s all kind of hypothetical right now. When I sit down with a notebook and a little mini-recorder is when my bluff will be called, and then it might not happen at all.” Overall there is littel information as to details of the record but I will reveal more information as we go along. But you wanna know what I think when I hear the possibility of a new record? read on


You wanna know what I think? you really wanna know? here goes I think its ASS thats what I think, I think that he’s Bluffing about fucking bluffing…Why are all these amazing stars this way? maynard does the samething tool, Smashing pumpkins. Why must they have us pant like dogs to hear their art,  like Tool I mean have you seen their news feed? you’ll get more news from the National Enquirer. I mean dont get me wrong Im stoked to hear the music but Either say “Yeah Ive recorded some song ideas on my iPhone nothing concrete, havent gone into the studio yet but definitely working on it”, no instead we get some cryptic “witty” response that niether confirms or dismisses the idea of a new record! nevertheless heres my reaction to the news…

Heres the answer to this CRYPTIC MESSAGE FOR YOU , YES HES WRITING SOME NEW Material he wont say yes because he doesnt want to rush things..AND ITS PROBABLY THE BEST FUCKING SHIT HE HAS EVER WRITEN SINCE THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL so MUCH SO that our Brains currently cant even begin to fathom the idea of its Amazingness, epicness and godly power it contains. Wanna know how I know? because Im a musician and we say this shit all the time because we think its smart and cool like smoking Al Pacino in the 1980’s

. SO IM EXCITED IM STOKED and by the way WAVE goodbye Tour, yeah more like I have to get a wife, attack other goals and come back to this Later, so yea expect to see NIN tickets for sale some time after the albums release, dont believe me? lets make a bet if he doesnt make an album or a Tour I will literally do any request you make as a video, I will literally EAT DOG DOODY and If he does then whoever bet has to share our PAGE to 100 people for a week!

Hope you enjoyed the review and hope your all as excited for the NIN record as I am, dont forget to subscribe and challenge my BET!

This post goes to you Trent all in good fun! you are my inspiration for writing music without you I would have never become a musician, thank you Trent.
Leo Bazan LTS 

Artist Mention Monday’s CARINA ROUND!

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(I’ll let you catch your breath and collect yourself..yeah she tends to have that effect on people)
Now that your finished gazing upon our artist… its time for Artist Mention Monday’s! Ive spent a couple of weeks writing about other forms of innovative art, just to shed some light on some of the different varieties of artistry thats out there. But mainly I’ve spent a good amount of time coaxing y’all to check out Puscifer’s music I honestly couldn’t help it! But today, we’ve got a real special treat that I’m sure your all gonna love. This artist has truly reignited the much needed spark the rock genres been craving; with her brilliant, strikingly gorgeous and inventive image, she is like something out of a 1950’s “girl in the red dress playing on a piano dream”. Well more like girl in a red dress with a Fender from the 1950’s.

I know…I know…your probably thinking “Leo, your just hypnotized”

well yes and so are you dont lie… but its more than her beauty, its her sheer innovative soulful and truly raw emotional music that has got me honestly soul struck. Im proud to say that Its our first true “Artist Mention Mondays” where we feature Music (CMON TOOL or Puscifer dont count their already famous! I mean Maynard had business Card that said “Jesus H Christ” and hes the biggest Celeb we know) no this is the first ever Fresh and Innovative AMM music pick of the week and I’m honored to Present to you Ms. Carina Round. Born in Wolverhampton, England, Carina has immersed herself with quite the crowd here in the United States. During her move to LA she has collaborated with writers and producers such as Dan Burns, Glen Ballard (recognizably worked with Michael Jacksons Thriller and Bad) Carina has found a place among some of the best musicians of our time. Along with a variety of well known and talented Muscians such as Billy Corgan, Brian Eno and Maynard James Keenan, Carinas Fan base has become immersed in her brilliance and indistinguishable voice and image, SHIT I KNOW I HAVE. First thing my fellow composer and best friend Misha said to me in the show as soon as Carina took the stage was “NOW THATS AN IMAGE LEO!”.

Aside from her incredible 1950’s girl in the red dress image, her writing style is unique almost in line with Trent Reznors the Fragile mixed with some of his film scores and cant forget to mention MJK. Just to think working with Maynard James Keenan has to be a trip, its like something enjoyable and almost spiritual at the same time (dont know why maybe its because of that Jesus picture of Maynard…Genius.) Speaking of Maynard (which sorry MJK but Ive talked about you quite a bit its Carina’s day!) its amazing how Carina moves on stage, her surrealistic and animalistic style  had me looking at her even during the parts that Maynard was singing (not to mention being in the forth row we got flashed when she lifted her skirt pretty sweet!) and alone on stage was Im at a loss for words, I’d say a true natural innately talented professional.

All in all, Carina has truly gained the respect that she so rightfully deserves from a great and faithful ever expanding fan base. I could go on forever as to why I think Carina Round is innovation at its finest but I’ll let her take care of that. Has she inspired Lick the Stranger to write more music? DEFINITELY in the hopes that she will someday think anywhere remotely the same of me as I do of fact the sheer idea that she has inspired me to continue writing and recording songs like our “lifting you up” proves that her musicianship, passion and love for what she does is like an extremely potent inspiration potion that can lure anyone that comes across it. Oh YEA AND DID I MENTION! SHE MENTIONED US ON HER WEBSITE!!!PRETTY BADASS! I’d like to thank Carina Round for taking the time of featuring us on her website on where you could download and listen to her music as well as on her
It means THE WORLD  to me that you would take notice, and as an artist and fan here on LTS we thank you for creating wonderful and beautiful art and hope that you continue to do so. Hope that you like our review.
Ladies and Gentlement without further a due Ms.Carina Round GOOD LUCK ON YOUR SHOW TONIGHT rock the SHIT out of it!!

Innovation and Art of all forms
Leo Bazan Lick the Stranger