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Things have changed.

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Well, its been such a long time since I posted on this blog. I remember a time when I couldnt wait for it to be monday (due to our Artist mention Mondays of course). Time to fill you in on whats been going on with me. Well I have decided to embark in Medical school, during this long period of silence I have been focusing on taking the core classes necessary for admission. I took Biology 1 and 2, chemistry 1 and 2, Physics, organic chemistry…YOU NAME IT! I mean just thinking about this makes me wanna puke! I dont have much time to write on this blog and I dont even know why its still active lol. I will try to write during the holidays but it will truly be a long shot. There were a few people that have messaged me, of which I never replied to seeing as to how the messages were sent in October and it is now December I doubt the person is still inquiring about me! hahaha. I miss the easy times when I could sit on the computer looking for brilliant artwork to share with you guys but unfortunately those days are long gone. Any way, lets stray away from the gloom factor a bit because I gotta tell you guys I SAW NINE INCH NAILS LIVE! YES! I saw trent reznor in the Flesh! (i was like all the way in the back but…) still, I got to see trent reznor! Here are some  pictures

My girlfriend kimmy and I while waiting for the next song to play!

My girlfriend kimmy and I while waiting for the next song to play!

ECSTATIC ME right before the show!!

ECSTATIC ME right before the show!!

Eating at a mexican restaurant which was literally a hole in wall but it was incredible!

Eating at a mexican restaurant which was literally a hole in wall but it was incredible!

Near the end, of which he returned to play 4 more songs!!!

Near the end, of which he returned to play 4 more songs!! this is not the exact picture but I promise you it looked exactly like this!

Anyway, the concert was bought by my lovely girlfriend kimmy. She is the best part of my life and wouldnt give her up for anything on the planet!

Well I shall leave you all (anyone paying attention anyway) not in a sad note but in a happy note. Perhaps, I can still write on the blog…let me get your consensus on that.




Artist Mention Monday on Tuesday only for SID SRIRAM!

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Yea its not monday, big woop wanna fight about it ? (new yorker accent) Well ITs ARTIST MENTION MONDAY’s on TUESDAY! and that already makes it special on its own. Before we get to it, I’d like to apologize to my viewers for my short period absence, (NO I didnt abandon you) I was working on other projects that unfortunately required my full attention and was unable to write for a bit, but WERE BACK! and were back with a PUNCH because todays artist is Innovation at its finest. You remember the 90’s? YEAH aside from Britney Spear and back street boys they were BADASS times, remember when you first heard the voice of Brandon Boyd from Incubus in hmm lets say Stellar and you thought holy shit, did my ears just get laid? Well thats the same reaction I got from listening to Sid Sriram lets start by saying that his tonality and ambience utters a surreal and serene feeling that compels one to engage their senses to achieve musical nirvana, believe me its possible. Oh and speaking of nirvana.. Mr. Sid Sriram did a cover of Smells like teen spirit, I know..I know exactly what your thinking “Aw shit everyone covers that song its so overplayed, boring unoriginal” well believe me that you have never heard a version of Smells like Teen Spirit like this one. Dont believe me? check it out

Still think its overplayed? well yes it is BUT wasnt it fucking amazing! there are only two kinds of cover artists, theres A)Cover artists and B) Interpreters, and frankly…he is neither  because he surpasses both definitions. Put simply he’s Sid Sriram he took song interpretation to a whole new level with this one, I mean if the song title wasnt up on youtube you’d have to wait till the Chorus hit to know that your listening to Nirvana.

Known today as one the best uprising artists of 2012 his live performance known as “a conscious mind” is live performances with original and cover tracks. Receiving a positive reception from viewers around the US on Youtube, Sids future in the Arts looks promising all is well with integrity and originality but most importantly innovation. Lets just hope that he doesnt meet Bruno Pluto or Justin Gopher some shit and turns him into the commercialized shit music no different from Heinz Ketchup (STAY TRUE SID!). With songs like Entropy, talk to me , fugitive thoughts and Smells like teen spirit “A conscious mind” can truly sway you to make the conscious decision to download his albums or any future work he may put out in the near future. You can Download Music on his site by clicking on his name here Sid Sriram also if you appreciate artist like Sid then you can helping out by liking his Facebook (YES CLICK THE LINK thats why its BLUE :D) and you could check out more of his music on his youtube channel SidSriramMusic . We here at LTS would like to thank Sid Sriram for contributing wonderful art to our society, lets say it in unison…ready…one..two..Three THANKS SID! Well thats our Artist Mention Mondays on a TUESDAY SPECIAL!!


This week we are opening up a new featurette called Cover of the Week, where we will bring you the best most innovative covers by artists and interpreters of both new music (SHIT POP turned to Innovative Gold) and oldies (turned into NEW GOOD SHIT). If you have anyone that would like to be mentioned on one of our Artist Mention Mondays or Cover of the Week OR you would yourself feel like an INNOVATIVE ARTIST Click on the link LICKTHESTRANGER Like us and send us a post with your video link or artwork you would like us to talk about or send us a comment here and DEFINITELY SUBSCRIBE to our website. As always you heard it here first on Lick the Stranger. More to come from Artists this Week.
Innovation and Art of All forms..
Leo Bazan. LTS. 

Artist Mention Monday and PROMETHEUS TEASER

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So after last weeks rant on the so called “Artists of Today” like Lady Gaga, Justin Gopher and Katy Perry “Ellis”, Ive decided to spare you further torment and show you some real ART by REAL artists, yes it seems that the demon gods of pop do not have a firm grasp on my brain therefore making me immune to their trance (music) and garbage (i mean popular) art. The planets must have perfectly aligned once more because It’s time for Artist Mention MONDAY! That’s right, its that day of the week where something I find innovative will find its way onto a post. After all the suggestions from other bloggers and friends as well as some research of my own I have have found this…

"What she had seen" Courtesy of "Regan the imp".

When her brother asked her why she had drawn the tentacles coming out of the eyes she responded “where do you suggest would be a better place to put them?” her brother responded “her eyes are just fine”. Due to the lack of information on her site and respecting her privacy, I can tell you the key interesting points which make this artist “innovative and unique”. Regan is not all over the place with her art, all of her works follow a common theme in which she rarely strays away from. Incorporating “invader Zim”(Yes I know I was pissed when it got cancelled too) like dark humor with dreamy conceptual themes; Regan stays focused she knows what shes good at and does it well. Currently, I’m getting further information on her social networks just in case you want to contact her for her work, for the mean time here is her Deviant art page

As always..You know It, I know it, we don’t have to say it, shes great!
I just want to say thank you to all the recommendations and suggestions for A.M.M if you didnt get featured don’t get mad or sad! soon you’ll be able to post your art here (relax..relaaax papa were working on it) for now just keep sending me requests and send me comments. I’ll be sure to get to you. As always remember the themes (anything dark,surreal, tim burton like and tell me why you think your innovative) comment/rate and message me I’ll reply to all and review all.

Now if there was ever anything that brought a chill down my spine its this…. what is it you ask? well its something horror/Sci-fi fans are waiting for with high expectations and anticipation, the prequel to one the most innovative and revolutionizing horror films in Sci-fi history. From the twisted, visionary and brilliant mind of director/writer RIDLEY SCOTT comes the next chapter or should I say the (previous chapter, since its a prequel) in the bone chilling experience that is the alien saga.. he brings you

say it in unison with feeling....FUCK YES!

Check back on Wednesday for my insightful review (i promise I wont rant, I like Alien) on the Alien films and Prometheus. YES its a Prequel so dont get cute with us in denying the fact that it is. But I still want to hear your opinions prior to expressing mine SOO here’s a cool little Poll, so do it