Dead Space 3 Thrills E3 and ME!

ISAAC IS BACK…I have no words to describe the bewildering excitement I feel at this moment, the trailer to Dead Space 3 has blown away fans and artists at game convention center E3,  honestly all I have to say is WOW. PLEASE tell me that as you are reading this…you know what DEAD SPACE is…you know the game where an average (not military based) electronics engineer named Isaac Clarke who boards an isolated ship in a restricted space zone infested with Flesh devouring and limb splitting Necrotized humans (formally known as necromorphs) controlled by an all powerful hive mind created and sythezised from alien origins by the government and religious individuals(of course) as bases for testing a new weapon and spreading a new religion…all THIS! to find his probably dead and Re-animated necrotized girlfriend.. yea that game..okay so were on the same page then? ok cool. Heres a nice pic for your enjoyment of the worlds most BADDEST(as in BAD Fnn ASS) and ICONIC characters in gaming history and today.


So Im not here to do a review of the game or to convince you to play it, Im here to say how freaking amazing the brand new recently released trailer of the Third installment to Dead Space 3, ill get to that in a bit.
Lets touch on the history for those new to Dead Space, With its two predecessors creating an Epic great success and living it up to its hype, Dead Space has become an instant classic, using its innovative scare tactics and its extreme interactive gameplay, along with great character development, you really just immerse yourself and feel like you truly are Isaac Clarke himself. Hes just an Average man at the wrong place at the wrong time and shit just keeps on happening to the poor bastard. The story is well, complicated to explain so I’ll just keep you up to date with this video that will explain everything from the first game and some of the second.

The trailer has definitely raised the bar, incorporating new Co-op gameplay (not featured in its two early predecessors)  new weapons and creatures, and a new planet filled with necromorphs to create chop suey from. Trust me if you played the game you know what Im talking about and if you havent, well the only way to kill enemies is by literally chopping off their limbs. Yeah thats another cool thing all the weapons we always power tools used by engineers and the flight crew. So its interesting to know what the new game will come along as far is weapons is concerned. We can dissect somethings out of it once you’ve seen the trailer so Im honored to show it to you..

Now thats some Good F**king shit if you ask me man, Epicness to the max. Well as you could see there is Co-op but its optional, Isaac’s partner from the second game gets lost and well he tries to find her…apparantly the guy Isaac is working with couldnt give a damn about Eli, he just wants to kill some necros and destroy the Marker. Im seeing a possible Mexican Standing off coming from all of this..dont know why I just do..that relationship has kicked off to a rocky start. The game features a new Ice planet which is claimed to tbe the origins of the Marker, so of course the Unitologist are gonna be pissed and that they’re gonna be after Isaac there are several reasons for that(reason for attacking Isaac # 1. he massacred a shit ton of Earthgov agents back on Sprawl by opening a gate letting a flood of Necros in to chop some human limbs, Reason #2. He has the key to understanding the marker but he’s stubborn and wont cooperate, Reason #3 he built the Marker, Thats what you get for trusting Scientologist ooops I mean Unitologist either no offense Tom Cruise and John Travolta).

Dead Space 3 is set to release February 2013 so as news sparks up you will be the first to know. So go out there and rent the first two games and remember cut off their limbs!

Innovation and Art of all forms
L.T.S: Leo Bazan


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