Artist Mention Mondays Melancholic Dreams

Yes…Yes I am quite aware that today is Tuesday but its better late than never. So no I didnt forget about you guys so just for today lets go back in time pretend its monday. So I was searching and scouring every surface to bring you the next coolest artist.And let me tell you…todays artist screams Tim Burton in water color and calmly sets a melancholic mood that will instantly reach your “for some reason I think this is sweet, in a sad way” sense. But not only does his perpetual sense of Melancholia in all his paintings drive the creative heart of the artwork, no its that special word again… “innovative“, yea its an innovative  sense of melancholia that runs that creative engine.

Lili Toxic

It was love at first sight…honestly, its like seeing Miss Sparrow art (whom was generous enough to provide the background to our site) for the first time again. I cant decide which I love more! I wonder what Miss Sparrow (the artist that drew our LTS background) and this artist could Conjure up if they COLLABORATED? hmm? In my opinion your looking at it right up there ^. Mister Tony Sandoval knows exactly what he wants and where he wants his images to store inside your mind. You know that place in your mind you “mine” that special little place where beauty and dread dont draw a distinct line? perhaps where dreams are made, its like every picture is bears a haunting childs fairy tale. Now thats LTS kind of Art…From what I understand he is a painter of Childs art books, if books with this kind of art existed when I was kid, I would’ve had a slightly better child hood, shit what am I saying, its amazing!!!!

“Melancholic Epidemic”

Since there isn’t much information on Mr. Sandoval, I’ll just tell you why in my opinion, he has won my vote for innovator in the arts. There are few people in this world that can accurately capture and illustrate the marvelous beauty behind the purest and most innocent mind, that being the imagination of a child. Mr.Sandoval does just that, he gets it… show this to a child and they will get it too, its like a strange understanding that almost seems telepathic. To successfully transgress the meaning behind adult emotions and portray them in child fables, fantasies and tales is brilliance in its most innovative state. His use of common themes within all his paintings almost signifies a world he has created from scratch, where all these characters reside and welcome you with meloncholic greeting. Mr Sandoval exaggerates the features of the eyes in most of his paintings, perhaps signifying the short sightedness of the adult mind  or just a cool perk that makes you think. I for one am truly inspired and in love with his paintings. Enter the mind of Sandoval, his “Monstruos” welcome you with joy…

One of the most innovative child artists I have seen to date. If you are interested in seeing more of his artwork follow his blog mentioned above or check out his
Now guys as promised, we here at lick the stranger always try to bring you fresh, undiscovered and innovative artists. Wish this post could have been longer but Im running on one hour of sleep, I will post something special this week to make it up to you, in the meantime enjoy some more of Tony Sandoval’s paintings and enjoy my review of Soul Reaver, thinking of making a video blog as well…well its up you guys really…I see a poll is at hand!!


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