Artist Mention Mondays and Soul Reaver Teaser

You know how people say “dont go to a grocery store when your hungry, because you’ll want to buy everything you see” or when going to a restaurant everything looks desirable enough to eat so you serve yourself double of everything (c’mon i know I’m not the only one that does this) essentially you eat with your eyes. Well.. thats exactly what happens when you gaze your eyes upon our next artist and if you love the band Tool as much as I do, then your in for a real treat. Thats right, its that time again, its Artist Mention Monday’s  and honestly I have one word that sums it up….that word is “lysergic acid diethylamide” your here for science right?….joking aside that word is “brilliant”. But enough talk, you wanna know whats behind door number one so I’ll skip introductions and just show you this…warning it might take some time to see all the details, have a nice trip…

I would suggest is to listen to Jambi in one of our links below while reading this post, you’ll appreciate it trust me. Not enough with the first one I know so heres another…

Literally, there is not a single bad painting, now you understand my analogy of going to a restaurant and wanting to eat everything at once. Robert Steven Connett is an Artist | Professional | Traditional Artist his speciality is neo surrealistic Biomechanical art, Robert has been painting since his early teens and strives to discover his purpose in this life, his life consisted of various forms of drug use including Meth amphetamines and marijuana. After being kicked out from his house he lived in reno, Nevada where he worked as a waiter. There he had time to read and become educated he was heavily influenced by the books of Ray Kurzweil,Richard Dawkins (biologist). And what truly puts the icing on the cake for me, is the fact that he is 60 years of age, now thats badass. “I believe that the exponential evolution of science  and technology, mainly robotics, genetics and nano technology, is going to change us forever” now thats an Apple fan. As you can tell his artwork drives heavily on the symbiotic relationship between man and machine, well we all know what ending Robert chose for Mass Effect 3.  For those who loved that movie fear and loathing in Las Vegas, which is an absolute classic here is a painting inspired by it.

Id, Ego, Superego

Robert Connett hands down is one of the most innovative artist in the underground scene, as a biology major I love the balance between naturalistic organics of the human essence and the merge almost endosymbiotic merge with machine. All metaphors for a not too distant future. Although dark, its not enough to scare you away but instead appreciate its complexity and beauty. He’s a real treat to the genre of surrealism and a great innovator of our time. He goes down as one of my favorite artists of all time, with comparable standing to Alex Grey (Tool sure you agree).

Thought Wars

For more of his art visit or
I know its the end of our artist mention mondays and I’d like to thank everyone for all your submissions and I just wanna say that I love every single one of your works, dont worry if I didnt get to feature you in this post I promise I will get to you within the coming weeks. Now I only have to say one thing before I go…Its one of the most epic games of the 90’s that will be making a come back this year.. something so epic that epicness was concieved from its very concept and followed throughout time better yet I’ll leave you with this…

Thats right its a SOUL REAVER GAME…. back when Vampires burst into flames at the sight of sunlight, back before Elvis Presley hair dues and wimpy vampires that glistened in the sun came about…there was only one true vampire franchise to rule them all THE LEGACY OF KAIN….
TO BE CONTINUED… hear my analysis of the teaser this week..


5 Responses to “Artist Mention Mondays and Soul Reaver Teaser”

  1. KittyKittie Says:

    This is great!!!

    • Thank you kitty! 🙂 Im glad that you enjoyed it! did you do the poll?
      I wanna know if a lot of people know about soul reaver it has a great cult following so I think it would be cool to do a review on it.

      • KittyKittie Says:

        The poll.. no I’m cretin when it comes to vid games… the last game I played was …. smiley faces that ate dots……wurd out!

  2. I love your blog posts.
    They’re so real and down to earth lol.
    I look forward to seeing new artists each week!!
    This guy is crazy incredible!

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